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BMW 328i MAintenance free until Feb 2013 ($15595)

팔 물건 조회 수 6671 추천 수 0 2012.02.01 02:48:25

My computer is new and can't write in Korean.

I have a 2007 bmw 328i. Charcoal colored. 86,000 miles(75% highway miles), A/T. 3.0 engine.
Maintenance program purchased vehicle (maintenance free until Feb 2013 or 100,000 miles).
Run flat tires.

All maintenance has been scheduled and done at the BMW dealership.
Live kinda far from work and putting too many miles on a nice vehicle right now.
Will consider reasonable trades or offers.


Call or txt John 6199908078

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2012.06.12 09:12:26

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